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So do you remember the 80s?  


What an exciting era for those of us fortunate enough to experience it.

The eighties brought us Frankie goes to Hollywood, Duran Duran, Madonna and the Pet Shop Boys.

On the Tele box we had Dallas, Dynasty, Blackadder and Eastenders hit our screens for the first time.

We had Pacman, Space Dust, Flying saucers and The Rubik's cube to keep us entertained.

Fashion saw massive shoulder pads, fingerless gloves and leg warmers, fame heads bands, super stretch leggings, Miami Vice jackets and Top Gun Sunglasses

Girls enjoyed the Perm, whilst gentlemen preferred the Mullet.


We have made our Theme Parties Easy!

Simply Book Easy DJ Hire for your 80's Theme Party, dig out your costumes and get your party on!

80s Memories rubix


THE 80'S

Book a professional 80's Themed Mobile DJ from us and you can guarantee that you will get a DJ that was around during the era and who will bring your party to life.

Our Database of Music from the eighties is very impressive and we believe that there wasn't a song in the chart from the eighties that we won't have available for you on your night.