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DJ Jon Evans takes time out to explain the pitfalls of booking a Mobile DJ for your event.


Get the facts!


When it comes to getting quotes for a DJ for your event, one thing you will notice is the price will vary considerably. Typically depending on where your venue is and the amount of time your DJ will be playing, on average you will pay anything between £150 and upwards of £1000+


But why such a big difference in price?


Well, there are many factors to consider when booking your Mobile DJ, but the most important thing to consider is... Does your DJ have years of experience providing the kind of service you require for your event?


Typically a wedding will cost more because of the amount of extra time taken to prepare for the event, often we discuss weddings and take bookings for events years ahead of time.

At easy DJ hire we offer a wedding service as standard, we will manage all of your music requests, provide a PA system for speeches during the evening if required, but most importantly we will be on hand to guide you from the moment of booking right up to the day of your wedding.


Get it right first time!

If you decide to book a cheaper Mobile Disco you can be certain that the DJ you book will have very little experience and in many cases are just part time DJs seeking a little extra income on the side. But whilst some parties are perfect for the cheap' stick it in the corner disco' the events that we attend every year deserve much more.

We know that new DJs have to start somewhere so, if you are throwing a small do for a handful of people in your local pub or social club give the new DJ a shot.

His prices will be cheap but the equipment he uses will probably be second hand and his music collection will probably be limited.


One thing we are told so often from our brides is that they were so glad they didnt hire their grooms mate 'Dave' to DJ for them.

And of course this makes perfect sense.

On average the cost of a U.K. wedding is £18,000+ so if you are spending this much money on your big day, you surely have to spend a minimum of £300 to £1000 for your evenings entertainment, after all the DJ plays for around a third of your day.


When I got married in September 2013 I remember paying £450 for a chocolate fountain that nobody used or even talked about, our evening entertainment however is still talked about today.


So... How much time is put into a wedding function?

When we talk to guests at weddings during and after the evenings event they often think that we just turn up and start playing music. This really is not the case, our day starts out in the morning with a full equipment check, before loading the van. Then we will spend a few hours compiling the playlist for the function, fuel up the van and travel to the event with plenty of time to spare. On arrival we discreetly empty the van into the venue, set up the equipment and carry out sound and lighting checks, and this is even before we start.

We are often requested to play background music before we kick off properly and we will happily do this upon request.

We generally play for between 4 & 5 hours of an evening, but even when we say goodbye at the end of the night, we still have to pack down, load the van, drive back to base and unload the van. This genarally means that we commit on average around 15 hours per event.

But our hard work, talent and time is not all we provide you with... Nowadays you must have full public liabilty insurance and all equipment has to be regularly serviced and PAT Tested. Not to mention the cost of the music, maintaining and purchasing new equipment and transport costs.

So its worth noting that the DJ has to invest a lot of money before a single song is played.


So... when booking a Mobile DJ ask yourself "why is that DJ only charging £150??" When most professional DJs charge more?

Don't just compare the prices, compare the service you will receive too.

There is an event for all DJs, both the cheap pub DJ or your best mate 'Dave' and the more expensive DJ specialising in professional high end entertainment.

It is up to you to decide whether or not your event deserves the extra cost.


Obviously we would in no way advise you to look at hiring a cheap disco, we think that you should be aware that if you want a professional mobile DJ service that will offer a first class service, you will not get this on a tiny budget.


But if you have taken anything from this, Please remember this Top Tip!


If the Mobile DJ is for a wedding, the company you choose must be given as much importance as the Venue, cake, flowers and photographer.

Choosing the wrong DJ service could potentially ruin the months or even years of careful preparation you have made.

So don’t leave it to chance or until the last minute, all good DJs are booked well in advance.



Thank you for reading this, perhaps you are now better armed to make an informed decision.

But whoever you choose for your special day, I hope you have a fantastic party.


To book DJ Jon Evans for your special event call Jon on mobile 07709297709 or ring the office on 01908 319533 or email [email protected]



When it comes to hiring a DJ... You get what you pay for!

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